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Autumn Equinox

By Krystal Sarki

WED SEP 18, 2019

Faded rust-colored grasses dance in the prairie strong winds.

They intertwine, massage & brush against each other in harmony and chaos.

A raging sea of individuals in a collective synchronization.

Autumn is not unlike when we approach old age and become sensitive to our own mortality.

This season, is able to hear and feel the immediacy of the cycle of life.

Whispering, asking sweetly, will you witness this beauty?

-Krystal Sarki

My heart is wearing a soft grin, as I share words with you. I feel like they never wanted to flow out of me quite like they yearn to now. I know they have always been there, just waiting for permission to be seen in their naked entirety.

As Mantha & I prepare for InChantment this weekend, it would seem very fitting to announce that this will be the last rendition of these particular celebrations of the season. Along with the the foliage of Fall, InChantment will fertilize and lay the ground on which future collaborations will take place. That said...

You know how that foliage goes out with a big bang burst of color?

More than ever, as we grow comfortable in our own skins, the medicine can only become stronger.

Catch our unique celebrations of our turn towards our inner self as the Sun recedes...

September 21st 5:00pm - In~Chantment
Register here:  https://www.moorheadmassagewellness.com/sales/inchantment-an-equinox-gathering?fbclid=IwAR185F6ogFc6wggAjlnwLBEQIihzpydk2OhsqStuyVznj0iSLzdFE3-jerw

September 22nd 5:00pm - In~Chantment  

Register here:  https://www.krystalsarki.com/schedule/f6f941a1-cba7-4107-9468-d974f20d2902_1569189600

Blessings of peace,