Beginner Candlelight Yoga

Sink deeper into the depths of yoga as darkness overtakes the light outside. We will gently stoke our inner fire to keep warm and allow ample time to wind down and move our bodies into parasympathetic (healing) mode.

$13/member or punch card

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Doula Consultation

This is a casual "get-acquainted" consultation to see if it's a good fit. This is your opportunity to learn more about my practice style and personality, as well as an opportunity for me to really learn about you and what type of support you are looking for.

Full Moon Essential Oil Yoga & Bodywork

Join others to harness the potential of the full moon!
We will gather together and hear briefly about the messages pertaining to each moon, including why Crystal chooses a particular essential oil. The oil is chosen to support you through each full moon's energies!

Krystal will lead you through a Yin Yoga flow to harness the moon for that month, and support your body. The chosen essential oil will be diffused in the room during the yoga flow.

Throughout the yoga session, Crystal will come around to each person and utilize body/energy work pertaining to the astrological sign which the moon is currently in.

We will close with open connecting or conversation to bring a sister/brotherhood to the entire experience.

This is for those who
- want to stay connected to lunar rhythms.
- want to connect with others during full moon 'chaos'
- enjoy yin yoga
- want to experience yoga with the powers of aromatherapy and body or energy work

Please register at:

Mothers' Blessing

Honor your journey into motherhood through an empowering ceremony that aims to release fear, connect with your baby, feel into the sacredness of motherhood and celebrate your rite of passage. Surrounded by women who are on that same journey (most mothers choose to join in their 2nd or 3rd trimesters but all are welcome) mother blessings strive to create a safe space to unwind, be nourished, and remind ourselves of the brilliance of our connection to each other, the earth and the community. Together we bring intention and awareness into this transition in our lives.

Each ceremony is a little different as I take into account the dynamics of the group. It can be a mixture of gentle yoga, meditation, breath work, art, journaling, circle ceremony, self-care, dance and music. At times, participants may choose to give voice to some of their feelings or thoughts though there is never any pressure or requirement to do so.

Please dress comfortably & arrive with an open mind. This event is donation-based with 80% of the proceeds going to Changing Woman Initiative & 20% goes to fund the supplies and rental space for the event. Changing Woman Initiative's mission is to renew cultural birth knowledge to empower and reclaim indigenous sovereignty of women's medicine and life way teachings to promote reproductive wellness and healing through holistic approaches.

Women must register before the event as there is limited space. I ask that you message me through FB or email me at to let me know you are coming along with your expected due date and anything you'd like me to know or any questions you have.

Special note: A mother blessing is NOT a Blessingway. A Blessingway is a Diné Navajo traditional ceremony that is deeply spiritual. To call what a modern mother blessing looks like now a ‘Blessingway’ is cultural appropriation and is something I strive hard to not be a part of. A women’s online group stated, “In 2004, Native feminists wrote us to request that the term ‘Blessingway’ no longer be used to describe non-Navajo prenatal ceremonies such as the one described in this article. They explained that the term ‘Blessingway’ refers to a sacred spiritual ceremony performed by the Navajo people to celebrate rites of passage that occur throughout the entire life cycle, and not only the passage into motherhood. They suggested the term ‘Mother Blessing’ was a more appropriate term for a ceremony that was influenced, and respectful, of this tradition, but not practiced in accordance with the Navajo faith and culture.”

New Moon Yoga Circle

New moons are a powerful time for intention-setting - a dark period in the cycle of the moon that can be used to enhance clarity in our lives. During the new moon phase, the moon, the sun, and Earth are all on the same longitude line, resulting in the moon’s orbit being invisible from the Earth. However, just because the moon cannot be physically seen at this time does not diminish its power.

Take the time to access the wisdom available in this particular point in the lunar cycle.

What to expect:
Welcome & Brief summary of new moon meaning
Yoga that nurtures (mix of gentle/yin/restorative)
Reflection/Journal time (Will provide paper but you can bring your own journal in you prefer)
Group honoring/sharing of experience or insights

Option of an essential oil blend and light face massage during savasana.


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Personal 1:1 Instruction

Individualized personal yoga session.

Must register and confirmation email will be sent within 24 hours.

There are many reasons why people choose 1:1 instruction:

Specific physical limitations and/or goals
Want to experience the benefits of a customized practice
Want more extensive attention

Input into which type of yoga is best suited for your individual needs

First session will have about a 15 minute intake followed by 45 minutes of directed breathing and movement exercises.