Full Moon Essential Oil Yoga & Bodywork
OCTOBER 30, 11:30 PM - OCTOBER 31, 12:45 AM Central Daylight Time

Join others to harness the potential of the full moon!
We will gather together and hear briefly about the messages pertaining to each moon, including why Crystal chooses a particular essential oil. The oil is chosen to support you through each full moon's energies!

Krystal will lead you through a Yin Yoga flow to harness the moon for that month, and support your body. The chosen essential oil will be diffused in the room during the yoga flow.

Throughout the yoga session, Crystal will come around to each person and utilize body/energy work pertaining to the astrological sign which the moon is currently in.

We will close with open connecting or conversation to bring a sister/brotherhood to the entire experience.

This is for those who
- want to stay connected to lunar rhythms.
- want to connect with others during full moon 'chaos'
- enjoy yin yoga
- want to experience yoga with the powers of aromatherapy and body or energy work

Please register at: http://www.moorheadmassagewellness.com/events/2018/6/9/full-moon-eo-yoga-bodywork-ritual?fbclid=IwAR1Rw2ajYT3MAZ_FnTgeoN3j0x5bwsLkVWFQrYS22bne7So5HM-uMJosJAE

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