New Moon Restorative Yoga Experience

An extended restorative yoga experience that pairs with new moon energy. New moons are a powerful time for intention-setting, a dark period in the cycle of the moon that we will use to enhance clarity in our lives. In restorative yoga, your body is completely supported in poses that allows relief and release of tension and stress. This release enables us to become more connected with ourselves and our truth, our desires and dreams.

During the new moon phase, the moon, the sun, and Earth are all on the same longitude line, resulting in the moon’s orbit being invisible from the Earth. However, just because the moon cannot be physically seen at this time does not diminish its power.

Take the time to access the wisdom available in this particular point in lunar cycle. Great for people who want:

A longer, parasympathetic yoga experience
To tune into New Moon energy
Personal instruction in poses

Option for an essential oil blend and light face massage in the extended savasana.

$50/Pair of tickets

Register at:

Moorhead Massage & Wellness
202 8th Street South, Moorhead, MN